The Equal Group | Disrupting Bias
The Equal Group works to tackle areas of bias within organisations and in doing so, implement effective diversity and inclusion solutions which drive growth and contribute to successful business outcomes.
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Disrupting Bias

We work hard to minimise bias within the workplace

Diversity + Inclusion Consultancy

We work with organisations from the board level - throughout the company to identify areas for diversity and inclusion (D+I) improvements across the business, as well as helping to implement data driven initiatives.

Diversity Monitoring Systems

We implement diversity systems that deliver progress and continual improvement. We work with organisations to analyse and improve their diversity monitoring systems, highlighting areas for refinement.

Bias-Free Recruitment Systems

Our bias free recruitment system automates the first stage of your recruitment process removing the opportunity for arbitrary (and often biased) decision making. We optimise your candidate attraction strategy.

Industry Advisory Boards

We work facilitate collaborative working across industries to identify opportunities for promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives and the sharing of best practice in order to tackle issues common to firms within specific industries.

Optimise your diversity and inclusion efforts – work with us to disrupt bias!

Unfortunately many organisations do not get the opportunity to move beyond talking about diversity and inclusion, due to a number of competing priorities. We understand the extent to which organisations struggle to get to grips with the very real and complex issue of diversity and inclusion. We aim to work alongside companies that have the ambition to truly tackle diversity and inclusion, but might not necessarily know where to start or have the time. If you’re currently considering how best to approach diversity and inclusion in a manner that works for your organisation, work with us to get to grips with diversity and inclusion issues through the implementation of sustainable and practical solutions.

Our solutions aim to remove opportunities for biased decision making by automating as many decisions as possible, by using AI and machine learning to enhance the efficacy of our solutions.
We implement monitoring systems in order to provide a sufficient number of data points to enable clear and concise decisions to be made and evidence provided, which can be used to provide retrospective justification.
Clear Objectives
We work with leadership teams to establish clear and achievable D+I objectives, whilst looking at the implications of these objectives and challenging the ambition underpinning the objectives.
Data Driven
We ensure that our solutions are driven by robust data and analysis, in order to provide comfort and confidence that these solutions are appropriate and have every chance of successfully meeting their purpose.
We work with organisations to provide total transparency to staff and other stakeholders which provides assurance that D+I is taken seriously, whilst ensuring that people are aware of the organisation's ambitions.
We hold leadership teams accountable for their actions and progress against agreed strategies - making it hard for companies and leaders to continue to discuss issues without taking steps to implement solutions.
We work with organisations to ensure that they continue to grow and develop in an inclusive manner - ensuring that the culture of the organisation remains conducive to growth and productivity.
Research Led
We work with some of the world's leading minds in developing our initiatives and solutions, with robust research underpinning the work that we do with organisations and industries.

Our Engagement Process

Below is our typical approach to working with organisations

Define Scope

Step One

We undergo an initial high level scoping exercise, whereby we engage with the organisation's key stakeholders and the diversity and inclusion sponsor.

Organisational Review

Step Two

Open communication with key staff, as well as a detailed documentation review (covering policies, procedures and external facing collateral) - our team will provide feedback on all key areas.


Step Three

We will work with the company to agree on the priority areas, as well as the quick wins - drawing up a plan for the next 12 month period.


Step Four

We will work to implement significant diversity and inclusion initiatives collaboratively with a carefully selected team whilst reporting in to the senior leadership team.

Review and Repeat

Step Five

Whilst working with the organisation we will continue to review key diversity and inclusion metrics and track what further improvements can be made.

Disrupting Bias
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The Equal Group Team

Meet our excellent team – dedicated to helping you overcome your diversity and inclusion challenges


Mayokun ‘Mac’ Alonge

Chief Executive Officer

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Ryan Kowo

Head of Business Development 

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Practical solutions to diversity and inclusion barriers – make a difference – disturb bias

Through our provision of diversity and inclusion systems, consultancy and industry advocacy – The Equal Group provides an effective and holistic approach to tackling issues related to diversity and inclusion in the work place. We approach diversity and inclusion challenges head on, thus ensuring companies move beyond dialogue through to successful implementation – leading to a prosperous and sustainable future.

Work with us to remove: nepotism - sexism - racism - ageism #