About The Equal Group
The Equal Group was established to give organisations the tools and support they need to fully reap the advantages that come from embracing diversity and inclusion.
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Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy

Full Scope Audits

We provide end to end EDI audits to help organisations identify areas where they can make sustainable and incremental improvements.


We provide training services for organisations interested in deploying innovative approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion solutions.


We provide EDI professionals on a subscription basis to ensure that companies obtain all the benefits of EDI - without the prohibitive overheads.

Executive Audits

We carry out audits of senior leadership teams in order to identify any areas where succession planning and inclusive growth can be optimised.

Our Team

Our core operational team is built up of individuals that are passionate about making the world a better and fairer environment. We also work with a number of experienced and committed equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.


We work with leading academics and academic institutions within the field of diversity and inclusion. Our academic focus ranges from management psychology and organisational behaviour to creative entreprenuership and occupational health.

Our Current Partners