Representation Matters…Iyanu Onalaja

Iyanu Onalaja is a Commercial Property Solicitor at national law firm, Shoo-smiths LLP. As a bright eyed young student, she wasn’t going to let her wheelchair hold her back. Going straight from a law degree, to the Legal Practice Course and a Masters in Law. It wasn’t until starting her training contract however, that she discovered her career would be slightly more challenging than anticipated.

Episode Highlights: 

1 ) Iyanu’s personal journey as a disabled woman working in the legal profession;

2 )  What employers working with disabled individuals should be more aware of to get the most out of their disabled employees, whilst ensuring;

3 )  The financial support that is available to cover assistance for disabled employees;

4 ) The importance of having open and honest conversations around disability in the workplace;

5 )  A support network for disabled professionals in Birmingham, UK – contact Iyanu for more information.


Host: Becky Shand

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