Inclusive Growth Training

Inclusive Growth Training
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According to Deloitte Insights, organisations with inclusive cultures are:
more likely to meet or exceed financial targets
more likely to be high-performing
more likely to be innovative and agile
more likely to achieve better business outcomes
Training Overview
Our inclusive growth training is designed to equip managers, supervisors and team leaders with the tools that they need to build inclusive working cultures, whilst promoting inclusive behaviours amongst their team members.
We provide robust methods that are crucial for leaders looking to become more inclusive in their approach. Our training equips leaders with tools that they can use in developing inclusive working environments, impacting the way leaders communicate, provide feedback, interview, delegate and conduct meetings.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is a sense of belonging. It’s when groups or individuals who have different backgrounds are equally treated and accepted, both socially and culturally. Inclusive cultures make people feel respected and valued for who they are, enabling them to be their best at work.

Evidence shows that when people feel valued, they function at full capacity and feel part of the organisation’s mission. This shift in culture and people’s mindsets creates higher performing organisations where motivation and morale soar.

The benefits of Inclusive Growth Training

There are a number of benefits to undertaking our Inclusive Growth Training – as a result of taking the training participants in this training course will:

  • Understand the risk in brand reputation and external perception if an inclusive process is not adopted.
  • Learn how to take an inclusive brief so that all barriers are removed.
  • Learn the Unconscious Bias Hotspots and understand the importance of widening your talent pool and your candidate attraction.
  • Make your candidate journey an award-winning inclusive service
  • Understand how to get the best out of your teams – increasing motivation, productivity and profit

The structure of our Inclusive Growth Training

DELEGATES: 6-12 Participants

SETUP: Classroom Style

The Equal Group will tailor this programme to your organisation’s needs and preferences to ensure that this training will, without doubt, help your team to build an inclusive culture and make your company more innovative, productive and profitable. This training programme starts from £1,000.

Getting started

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Our Team

Our core operational team is built up of individuals that are passionate about making the world a better and fairer environment. We also work with a number of experienced and committed equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.

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