EDI initiatives are beneficial for all organisations regardless of the size. The benefits are well researched and undeniable yet many organisations struggle to get the balance right. Recruiting EDI specialists can be a time consuming, costly and sometimes fruitless endeavour.


EDI:365 is a subscription based consultancy service aimed at providing companies with flexible, scalable and innovative EDI solutions.

  • Our Offering

  • We help companies get to grips with equality, diversity and inclusion and how best to implement change in a way that ensures that organisations grow in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

    We help companies to:

    • Provide a clear, data driven business case for EDI
    • Present EDI initiatives in a non confrontational manner
    • Effectively engage with all levels of the organisation

  • Your Situation

  • We enjoy working with passionate organisations, who have ambitions to ensure that they are managing their talent effectively, whilst pioneering new approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion.

    Our clients typically:

    • See the need for greater levels of EDI activity
    • Lead their industry in terms of EDI initiatives
    • Ensure that there is an internal understanding of EDI

  • The Synergies

  • By working together we will help organisations to understand their current data and future projections in terms of staff demographics and how EDI can provide a great foundation for company growth.

    We believe that:

    • Employees give their best when EDI is a priority
    • Society and companies work better without bias
    • Truly embracing EDI will always be rewarding

Bespoke EDI Consultancy
From our experience, EDI staff often struggle to make an impact within organisations that do not have a track record of implementing EDI initiatives and thus the ROI involved in recruiting and maintaining a dedicated EDI resource may not make sense. Our approach allows organisations that are new on their EDI journey to experience the benefits of EDI from day one. Smaller organisations can achieve a similar EDI impact as larger organisations with a fraction of the budget.
Whether you’re starting out on your EDI journey or whether your looking to supplement your existing initiatives with innovative and cutting edge expertise – we provide access to a wealth of EDI talent to turbo charge the impact and benefits of EDI in your organisation.