EDI 365: The smart solution for equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
EDI: 365 is the smart and more efficient way to see the returns of innovation, productivity and profitability that can accrue from effectively embedding EDI within your organisation. Contact us today for more details.
Are you struggling to find the right level of support for your equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives?

Is your EDI representative (or HR department) overwhelmed with how to effectively tackle EDI specific issues?

Are you unsure about the sustainability and effectiveness of your current or proposed EDI programs or initiatives?

Are you looking for a simple, cost effective and sustainable solution to meet your organisation's enduring EDI needs?

The Equal Group offers a way for companies to obtain the correct level of provision for equality, diversity and inclusion, without the administrative and financial burdens that come with hiring a full time member of staff to take on this responsibility.

Why EDI:365 is better than hiring a dedicated resource

Employers often give responsibility for EDI to an individual or a specific department (such as HR) which can have a number of issues:

  • Lack of depth – individuals seldom have the range of knowledge to effectively deal with the plethora of equality, diversity and inclusion issues that an organisation is likely to face. We provide a team of experienced consultants that can provide suitable coverage.
  • Churn – there is a risk that the expertise developed by an individual or team could move on to pastures new, taking with them the specialist EDI knowledge upon which your progress depends. We help embed EDI knowledge into your business, mitigating that risk.
  • Competing priorities – where EDI is owned by an individual or department, it is likely that they will have other activities to focus on. We provide a dedicated and specific focus, ensuring continued momentum.
  • Overheads – there are significant overheads involved in the recruitment, training, retention and replacement of EDI personnel. Our flat rate fee avoids these overheads and allows for accurate planning.
EDI:365 is authoritative

We work with some of the most experienced and dedicated equality, diversity and inclusion consultants, bringing a wealth of experience to your business.

EDI:365 provides best practice

Having worked across many industries, we provide case studies of what has previously worked and could be implemented in your organisation.

EDI:365 is customisable

We ensure our service meets your needs. Our flexible offering allows you to scale up or down depending on your EDI objectives.

EDI:365 is data-driven

We provide a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see how different initiatives impact your overall equality, diversity and inclusion rating.

EDI:365 is effortless

Our model allows you to avoid the processes of recruiting, assessing and training EDI personnel, whilst also preventing recruitment fees.

How we work

We aim to ensure that working with us is as seamless as possible, so that you begin to reap the full benefits of investing in equality, diversity and inclusion – as quickly as possible.

We ensure that there are sufficient levels of engagement and communication from day one – we go the extra mile to understand your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Our on-boarding process ensures that you hit the ground running and feel supported on your EDI journey.

Getting started

Contact us directly on 0121 616 0155 or fill in the contact form below to schedule a complementary consultation, where we can discuss your organisation’s goals.

Our Team

Our core operational team is built up of individuals that are passionate about making the world a better and fairer environment. We also work with a number of experienced and committed equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.

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