Diversity and Inclusion Training
We provide a series of programmes tailored to help those who have leadership responsibilities confidently tackle the numerous challenges that present themselves due to the various personalities, work approaches and communication methods used by team members. Nurturing inclusive workplaces that value diversity is not only the right thing to do – research shows that it results in increased productivity and profitability.
Our 360 Training Approach

Set Scope and Objectives

We work with key stakeholders to identify training needs and set objectives

Deliver Training

We design and deliver training that is tailored to the needs of training delegates.

Training Evaluation

We follow up to ensure that expectations were exceeded and new behaviours have been embedded.

Follow Up and Feedback

We provide multiple opportunities for delegates and management to provide feedback.

Working with The Equal Group

We work to ensure that once our participants have completed their training they feel energised and equipped to move to the next level. We are committed to providing participants with practical tools (including clear next steps) that can be applied to their daily responsibilities. Our training is structured to help your team work better together by ensuring that participants understand, respect, and appreciate the different styles and strengths of everyone on the team.
Our training modules are uniquely designed to meet our client’s needs and are delivered by our team of experienced and knowledgeable equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.
We provide training mentors for each of our training courses which means that all delegates can follow up with their training mentor at any time following the training course. This can be helpful in cases where delegates have subsequent queries following the training session.

Our Training Delivery Methods

We understand that not all training sessions are relevant for all staff. Given the range of different staff roles that each organisation has, the training approach needs to be tailored accordingly, depending on the subject matter. We offer training in a range of different methods:
Face-to-face EDI training

Engaging classroom / workshop format with an experienced consultant for a half / full day session. Preference is given to a maximum of 15 people per session to ensure information is embedded and everyone is fully engaged.

EDI webinars

Carried out over a specific time period with exercises, discussions via messenger, videos, interactive activities and polls with question and answer facilities. All feedback is provided after the webinar and a report made available for management.

EDI train the trainer

This training encompasses a bespoke programme delivered to a select group of staff to support these individuals in cascading and delivering key practices and training subjects throughout the organisation.

EDI e-Learning

These programmes are developed specifically with the aim of deploying standard training / awareness activities across your organisation - especially when it is not feasible to have all participants in the same location.

EDI Networking Sessions

Dedicated internal events, seminar / conference style events with speaker slots for internal and external speakers. These can be carried out quarterly to ensure best practice is maintained and queries are answered.

EDI Events

Focused on a specific topic, with participation from both academia and industry, to provide a summary of best practice related to the topic at hand. We suggest events are put together after a run of training, to ensure that training is fully embedded.

Beyond Unconscious Bias Training

As a result of taking the training, participants will understand how best to reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion within the organisation in an effective and impactful manner; how to access and improve their actions in relation to EDI; to actively improve their team’s inclusion practices and create environments that are inclusive, engaging and where everyone can thrive.

Authentic Leadership Training

This programme focuses on allowing leaders to develop an understanding of their unique leadership style. Leaders will be encouraged to explore their personal success factors as well as the performance measures linked to their role within the organisation. They will be also equipped with the skills and tools to exceed their success factors, whilst being encouraged to build and maintain their confidence and self-belief.

Inclusive Growth Training

Our inclusive growth training is designed to equip managers, supervisors and team leaders with the tools that they need to build inclusive working environments, whilst promoting inclusive behaviours amongst their team members. The Equal Group provides robust methods that are crucial for leaders looking to become more inclusive in their approach. Our training will be developed in the context of your organisation’s circumstances and aligned with wider corporate objectives.

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