Beyond Unconscious Bias Training
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Unconscious Bias

81% of employers recognise that unconscious bias can impact their hiring decisions

Bias Reduction

42% of employers do not use any strategies to reduce unconscious bias when recruiting

What are the benefits of Beyond Unconscious Bias Training?

There are a number of benefits to undertaking our Beyond Unconscious Bias Training – as a result of taking the training participants in this course will:

  • Champion diversity and inclusion within the organisation in an effective and impactful manner;
  • Understand how best to enhance inclusivity within the organisation and reap the benefits of diversity;
  • Understand how to critically assess, and subsequently improve their actions in relation to diversity and inclusion;
  • Actively improve their team’s inclusion practices in order to inspire innovation and participation;
  • Understand how to create environments that are invigorating, engaging and where everyone can thrive.

The structure of our training

Our programme is structured to provide a comprehensive, action-orientated diversity and inclusion session for leaders. Rather than just looking at bias identification like unconscious bias training, we look at the solution design and implementation. We also tailor the training to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.

We provide leaders with the skills needed to identify and leverage the organisation’s diverse talent in order to meet and exceed the organisations objectives. We help leaders build trust and provide development opportunities and coaching across the full spectrum of diversity. We also equip leaders with the skills and tools needed to create inclusive environments that encourage engagement, innovation and profitability.

The format and logistics of our Beyond Unconscious Bias Training?

DELEGATES: 4-10 Participants

SETUP: Classroom Style

The Equal Group will tailor this programme to your organisation’s needs and preferences to ensure that this training will, without doubt, help your team move beyond unconscious bias and make your company more innovative, productive and profitable. This training programme starts from £1,000.

Getting started

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Our Team

Our core operational team is built up of individuals that are passionate about making the world a better and fairer environment. We also work with a number of experienced and committed equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.

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