Authentic Leadership Training
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Inadequate Practices

36% of organisations say their leadership development practices are below average or poor

Ill-equipped Leaders

71% of companies don't feel their leaders are able to lead their organisation into the future

Training Overview
This programme focuses on allowing leaders to develop an understanding of their unique leadership style. Leaders will be encouraged to explore their personal success factors as well as the performance measures linked to their role within the organisation. Leaders will be equipped with the skills and tools to exceed their success factors, whilst being encouraged to build and maintain their confidence and self-belief.
The programme will focus on encouraging personal authenticity. Leaders will learn tools and techniques for enhancing their profile within the organisation as well as developing their own authentic networks.

What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic leadership means building the leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships. It includes four distinct qualities:

1. Self-awareness: a continuous re-examination of strengths, weaknesses, and values;
2. Relational Transparency: open sharing of thoughts and beliefs;
3. Balanced Processing: solicitation of opposing views and fair consideration of those views; and
4. Internalised Moral Perspective: a positive ethical foundation in relationships and decisions.

Generally, authentic leaders are positive and open people who demonstrate behaviours that develop trust. These leaders show the courage to push further, question the status quo or defend their team or processes. They also take ownership and/or share responsibility for any mistake.

The benefits of Authentic Leadership training

There are a number of benefits to undertaking our Authentic Leadership Training – as a result of taking the training, participants will:

  • Be able to identify different leadership styles, and the benefits that authentic leadership can bring;
  • Understand what is most important in the context of their personal and career aspirations;
  • Assess what drives behaviour, preferred communication styles and the impact of this; and
  • Appreciate how the development of authentic networks can assist personal development.

The structure of our Authentic Leadership Training

DELEGATES: 4-10 Participants

SETUP: Classroom Style

The Equal Group will tailor this programme to your organisation’s needs and preferences to ensure that this training will, without doubt, help your team develop authentic leaders and make your company more innovative, productive and profitable. This training programme starts from £1,000.

Getting started

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